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Start Using symfony3 Beta1 Standard Edition

Posted in Symfony3 Framework, Tutorial PHP by samsonasik on November 21, 2015

Symfony 3.0.0-BETA1 released last week, while we can wait for the installer for Symfony Standard Edition to support version 3, we can use it now via composer create project. Here we go, we can run in terminal the following command:

$ composer create-project symfony/framework-standard-edition sf3-std "v3.0.0-BETA1"

When installation complete, we can see the directory structure that slightly different then v2:


The structure for v3 is more like file system, where the executable file when old place is on app, now located in bin directory, and there is var directory to save cache, logs, and sessions.

Ok, now, let’s run server with console command:

$ php bin/console server:run

And we can see the following:


We can call in the browser, then:


Very cool! Didn’t try it? You actually need to give a try!